Farrier and Trailering Services


After completing an apprenticeship in London Glenn has been shoeing and trimming equines some 20 years since. His lifetime in the horse business only enhances his farrier skills through expertise dealing with all breeds and behaviours (even donkeys) and observing what is required for optimal performance for each horse, his environment, or his particular field, ie: sliding plates, borium, racing and show shoes, barefoot trim, corrective shoeing... Glenn routinely amazes customers with the compliance and trust his quiet, patient manner produces in their horses and their improved balance and way of going after even just a single visit from him. Glenn takes great pride in his workmanship so nothing second rate will do and you can rely on him to return your call and tend to your horses when he says he will! His long list of happy customers and vet approvals will verify this. To top it all off, Glenn offers very competitive rates so hurry to get on his growing list of clients in this area! 

Oxford Pony Club says: "Thanks for having us at your place and teaching us all about hooves and their care!" 


We also offer reasonable rates for trailering services, and if it's a difficult loader you're dealing with, you have definitely come to the right place to teach your horse to load in a way you never thought possible, and do it in a persuasive yet firm manner that doesn't stress you or your horse in the least! Read more about this on our "Training" page. 

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